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Gaay Tenaa Geet by Dhruv Bhatt

Gaay Tena Geet is popular poetry book written by Dhruv Bhatt. He already wrote many novels earlier. He wrote two poetry books & this is one of the finest from him. There are many other Gujarati Books written by Dhruv Bhatt, those are also equally popular and you can buy all of them online with […]

Lovely Pan House by Dhruv Bhatt

Lovely Pan House is yet another good book by Shree Dhruv bhatt. Here he tried to explain the theory of Show & Tell. He is super expressive with the words in this story & that gives new height to this book. Dhruv Sir went to some rural places & from there he got characters for […]

Agneekanya by Dhruv Bhatt

Agneekanya is yet another popular book by Shri Dhruv Bhatt. Here he tried to give justice & words to the Draupandi who is also known as Panchali because she got married with 5 Pandava’s. Dhruv Sir tried his best to give words to the pain of drauvpadi. He actually went into her emotions to write […]

Akupar by Dhruv Bhatt

Akupar is very much popular book by Dhruv Bhatt. The story revolves in Gir. The story includes characters of tree, lion-lioness & mountains too. Dhruv Sir’s writing flair is so good that even today this book is one of the most seller.  Aditi Desai have adopted this book & made a play by the same […]

Rani No Khajano by Jule Verne

Rani No Khajano is very popular book from Jule Verne. This is actually Gujarati translation of Begums Fortune. The book covers story of a Begum’s life. Jule Verne is very much popular for the fiction stories. In this book she tried to explain Begums life with scientific inventions & human development. Jule never travelled out […]

Not Without My Daughter Book In Gujarati Translated

Housewife Betty Mahmoody went Iran with her husband for a two-week vacation. Shockingly she found herself and her daughter Mahtob (around 4 years), virtual prisoners of a man rededicated to his Shiite moslem faith, in a land where women are near-slaves and Americans are despised. There is a movie also screening with this story starring Academy […]

Ajay by Anand Nilkantan in Gujarati

અજય – દુર્યોધનનું મહાભારત ધર્મને હું જાણું છું, પણ એનું પાલન નથી કરતો… અધર્મને જાણું છું, પણ એનો ત્યાગ નથી કરી શકતો…. શું તમે દુર્યોધનને ઓળખો છો? કુરુસભામાં સમાધાન માટે આવેલા શ્રીકૃષ્ણને સ્પષ્ટ શબ્દોમાં નકારનાર ગાંધારીપુત્ર દુર્યોધનને આપને આજ સુધી સંસારના તમામ દુર્ગુણ અને અધર્મના પ્રતિક તરીકે જ યાદ રાખ્યો છે, ખરું ને? યુધિષ્ઠિર સાથે […]

Sahas Toli Nirjan Tapuma by Jules Verne.

Jules Verne is popular fiction story teller. He is from france & he never travelled out of the france yet he made his stories so interesting & so gripping that many of his book were best seller. He wrote stories about sub marine, nuclear bomb, rockets or even travelling machines even before they were invented. […]

Amrut Ramayan by Morari Bapu

Ramayan & Morari Bapu is totally made foreach other. Amrut Ramayan is very much popular book. Morari Bapu expressed his gratitude & love towards ram katha in this book. He tried to cover every single detail with modern examples & that too in very much easy language hence it is really a very special book […]

Shiv Puran by Vinay

Shiv Puran is very much popular among the Shiv Bhakt’s. It has complete story of Lord Shiva’s rise & turning the ultimate god. It even covers story of Maa Parvati & Lord Ganesh & Lord Kartik. It also have Shiv Rudra Path & Shiv Tandav’s. This is one of the collector’s book for Lord Shiva’s […]

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