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Fitness Gita – Gujarati book

Fitness Gita by Rujuta Diwekar is also on of his most seller book. Complete weight loss guide for men and women. Weight loss book in Gujarati. Keep your body fit & fine. Specially written for Indian women. There are many other Gujarati Books written by Rujuta Diwekar, Those are also equally popular and you can buy all of them online with best discount. તમારા શરીરમાં ફરી Energy  લાવો, ચહેરા પર ફરી Glow લાવો અને મગજને […]

Awaken the Giant Within – Gujarati Translated Book

 Awaken The Giant Within is the psychological blueprint you can follow  to wake up and start taking control of your life, starting in your mind, spreading through your body and then all the way through your relationships, work and finances until you’re the giant you were always meant to be.  there are many other Gujarati books written by Anthony Robbins, those […]

Forge your future – Gujarati Edition

There are many books written by Dr. Abdul Kalam and those books are translated in Gujarati and published as Gujarati books. One of the latest is “Forge your Future”, this gujarati book is mainly to inspire youth of India. By reading this gujarati book, I am sure you will learn something new which will surely […]

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