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Harkishan Mehta

Mukti Bandhan by Harkishan Mehta

Muktibandhan is not just another novel from Harkishan Mehta but this was so popular that a Satellite TV Channel use this for a daily soap. The story is revolving around industrialist Ishvarlal Motilal Virani who wants to be the richest among others in India. Harkishan Mehta created the magic with I M Virani. He was […]

Tarasyo Sangam by Harkishan Mehta

Tarsyo Sangam was completely imaginary novel. Usually writers do visit the places for some references or at least to get some idea & they can use it as twist in the story but Harkishan Mehta wrote this completely on imagination & this is just excellent. First edition of this book got published in 1996 & […]

Jog Sanjog by Harkishan Mehta

  When Harkishan Mehta started writing Jog Sanjog for Chitralekha he didn’t even imagine that there will be a miracle soon. A 60 yr old citizen from Saurashtra wrote a letter to Harkishan Mehta that long back a similar story happened in his town. A boy from a rich family left the home without saying […]

Jad Chetan by Harkishan Mehta

Aruna was in coma since 27th November 1973 & nobody actually bothered about her but Harkishan Mehta knew about it & he wrote novel named Jad Chetan. Earlier Jad Chetan was named as “Tulsi-Chintan” . The story is based on torture & cruel rape happened on Aruna Shanbaug.  Aruna Shanbaug’s character was named as Tulsi […]

Sambhav Asambhav by Harkishan Mehta

  Harkishan Mehta’s Sambhav Asambhav was also published in Chitralekha. The story is about Father, Son & Daughter in Law. When Chitralekha published a teaser for this novel one of the reader excitedly wrote that one of the famous family has the same story in Ahmedabad, and I am sure you will write on them […]

Pila Rumalni Ganth By Harkishan Mehta

Pila Rumal Ni Ganth is a popular novel by Harkishan Mehta. Karnal Saliman is not the hero of this book but its robin hood Amirali. This is not just thriller novel, but this will hold your mind with its own twists, it will make you cry & scary at the same time, It bases on […]

Verna Valamana by Harkishan Mehta

Jagga Daku himself was surprised when his story was written in Gujarati as he was basically from Punjab of Pakistan. For Harkishan Mehta it was tough to describe Jagga’s town ratiya hence he describe the town by keeping mahuva where he spent his childhood days in his mind. When Harkishan Mehta wrote the first  chapter […]

Sansari Sadhu by Harkishan Mehta

Earlier when in Chitralekha published case on Bhoval Sanyasi Harkishan Mehta started thinking on a novel & then on the true story he started writing one. Earlier He thought to keep the actual plot & character’s name in Sansari Sadhu but later on he thought to stay in certain limit & hence he kept the […]

Bhedbharam by Harkishan Mehta

Years ago Journalist Friend Lt. Ajit Marchat called Harkishan Mehta that a businessman of Mulji Jetha market faced with Phantom. On one scary late night the businessman was travelling & a lady asked for a lift near Lotus Cinema. Businessman found that lady was from a good family & hence he gave her a lift […]

Dr. Roshanlaal by Harkishan Mehta

Dr. Roshanlaal is written by Harskishan Mehta & Vaju Kotak. It was published in Chitralekha on a chapter wise column. Later on it was combined as a book and as Harkishan Das mehta fans are crazy they give enough love to this joint venture. Dr. Roshanlaal really made Harkishan mehta fans crazy when it was […]

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