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Madhav Kyay Nathi by Harindra Dave

Madhav Kyay Nathi is very popular book written by Harindra Dave. The book revolves around Lord Krishna. Here Harindra Dave tried to explain the importance of lord Krishna in our life. Madhav Kyay Nathi is also about Naradmuni’s search for Lord Krishna, it is even applicable on today’s generation who is constantly busy for looking […]

Shyam Ek Vaar Aavone Angane by Dinkar Joshi

Dinkar Joshi has tried to show the romantic side of Shree Krushna & His Gopi’s with Shyam Ek Vaar Aavone Angane. Here the known writer tried to make things little soft & dreamy where Krushna’s Gopi’s are teasing him & making fun with him. This book will show you the other side of Shree Krushna […]

Shree Krushna nu saranamu by Dinkar Joshi

Shree Krushna Nu Sarnamu is yet another collectable feather from Dinkar Joshi. Dinkar Joshi has the correct pen to write about Shree Krushna & his life changing stories.  Here Dinkar Joshi tried to bring readers more close to Shree Krishna & he is so good in it that you will read this book twice or […]

Krushnam Vande Jagatguru By Dinkar Joshi

Krushnam Vande Jagatguru is a popular book written by veteran writer Dinkar Joshi. The book is a must read for all Krushna Devotee. It covers the story of Shri Krishna & how he became a great leader & ultimate god. Dinkar Bhai tried to explain all his knowledge & shares life story or Krishna & […]

Mira Nu Adhyatm Darshan by Bhandev

Mira Nu Adhyatm Darshan is one more popular book from well known writer Bhandev. This book is about religious journey of Meera. This books has the eternal journey of Meera when she met Lord Krishna. This is one of the top seller from Bhandev who has mastery in religious & divine books.   There are […]

Ganga satinu Rahasya Darshan by Bhandev

Ganga Satinu Rahasya Darshan is a religious book written by Bhandev. It has story of Maa Ganga. Bhandev is a known for his religious & divine experiencing books. Ganga Sati nu Rahasya Darshan is very popular among the female readers. There are many other Gujarati Books written by Bhandev, those are also equally popular and […]

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