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Himalay Na Santo by Bhandev

When Writer Bhandev visited Himalaya to worship Lord Shiva & to explore Himalaya He met few saints there & from them he got inspired to write such beautiful book. Himalay na Santo will give you some new & fresh stories about Himalaya & Lord Shiva. Himalay na Santo by Bhandev will defiantly give you goose […]

Himalay ni Bhintar Ma by Bhandev

Himalay ni Bhintar Ma is popular book from veteran writer Bhandev. The story revolves around his own experiences when he visited Himalaya. He met many saints there too & wrote books on him. Himalay Ni Bhintar Ma is defiantly a must read if you want explore Himalaya & some of the secrets from the land […]

Gebi Girnar by Anantray Raval

Gebi Girnar is the novel written by Anatray Raval. The book is about Proven-monks & their tantric mode. It is really very helpful to those who wants to move ahead with such practice. This book will give you new information about Girnar saints. Gebi Girnar is one of the popular book of Anatrai Raval There […]

Girnar na Sidhdh Yogio By Anantrai G Raval

Girnar Na Sidhdh Yogio is popular book written by Anantrai G Raval. The story is about Naga Bava’s & Saint’s who are in Girnar. They stayed there for years & years to achieve great powers. It is never easy to write on such topics but Ananrai G Raval has done it & we have one […]

Mantra by Suresh Sompura

Mantra is yet another book for Mantra-Tantra & Paranormal world. Suresh Sompura Ji tried to explain the power of Positive chants such as Gayatri Mantra & Mahamrutyunjay Mantra. Today we are living in a world where people are turning more & more fearing and at this time Mantra-Tantra can give a positive hope & that’s […]

Kapaliko Na Jagat Ma by Suresh Sompura

Suresh Sompura tried to explain about Mantra-Tantra & paranormal activity in Kapaliko Na Jagat Ma. He accepted that he do Shiv Puja. For self control whenever he speak OM he can see the purest person of the earth in front of him & that’s his mother. Whenever he watched Lord Ganesh he feels much confident. […]

Chamatkar ne Namashkar by Suresh Sompura

Chamatkar ne Namashkar is yet another thriller best seller from Suresh Sompura. He tried to open more layers of truth in this book. We all know that the world is changing so fast & honestly no one believes anything with any magic or proof. Suresh Sompura Ji Tried to make this book more interesting by […]

Aghorio Sathe Panch Divas by Suresh Sompura

Five days with Aghorio is the Book written by Suresh Sompura. He tried to explain how Aghori’s do experiment by strength of their mind. Infect in early days even they were not aware about it but Suresh Sompuraji have tried their level best to explain it by taking help of science. He even tried to […]

Abhay by Suresh Sompura

Each man suffers from fear today. Someone from Demon, Someone from god, someone from his karma & religion. Everyone suffers from man’s ignorance. Feared human rushes towards religious beliefs & the one who is more feared rushes away from religions. Both went for failure in their own way. If you are doing anything in fear […]

Sarjan Visarjan by Harkishan Mehta

Sarjan Visarjan is a kind of a biography written on Harkishan Mehta by known journalist & writer-author Saurabh Shah. Sarjan Visarjan has the Rise of Writer-Author Harkishan Mehta in completly novel style & It is actually a tribute to the Harkishan Mehta. There are many other Gujarati Books written by Harkishan Mehta, those are also […]

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