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Patan Ni Prabhuta

Prithvi Valabh by Kanaiyalal Munshi

Prithvi Valabh is yet another classic feather from Kanaiyalal Munshi to the Gujarati Literature. The story revels about Munj from Malva. Kanaiyalal Munshi has delivered is best with this book. The story revolves about Munj’s rule on malva & his kind attitude towards the people of Malva. Prithvi Valabh is known as Kanaiyalal Munshi’s finest […]

Patan Ni Prabhuta By K M Munshi

Kanaiyalaal Munshi is very popular name in Gujarati Literature.  Patan Ni Prabhuta is one of his very popular book. This book is based on Solanki’s & Patan. When Karnadev Solanki was about to die the queen Minaldevi tried to create her importance between the people of Patan. Minaldevi tried to follow the steps of Anandsuri […]

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